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If you haven’t heard the other Redeemed Podcast episodes, they are all listed below.

Bonus Episode - A King is Born

As the hope of a prophesied Messiah fades into centuries of silence, Bethlehem finds itself at the centre of an event that will change history forever.

A King is Born Trailer

Some behind the scene footage of the recording of A King is Born:

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Episode 3

Herod has decreed the death of all baby boys in Bethlehem and tasked his military commander, Claudius, with the job. During the campaign, Claudius finds a child’s blanket left by a family that escaped in the night.

This sparks a desperate chase to stop them before they reach Egypt and escape Herod’s reach.

Episode 3 Trailer

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Episode 2

Rebecca is trapped in a repetitious nightmare. Her curiosity leads to her witnessing a miracle by a captivating foreigner, and the experience changes her forever.

Episode 2 Trailer

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Episode 1

Join Ezra on his perilous journey to meet Jesus of Nazareth. A Journey that might cost him his life.

Note: This was the first episode I made with an old mic, so the quality isn’t as good as the other episodes.

Episode 1 Trailer

Listen to Ezra the Leper on your preferred platform below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I use creative license to create fictitious backstories to biblical events. This is Christian entertainment based on the gospels.
Listeners have told me that each episode actually encourages them to study the referenced biblical events in greater details in their bible. This brings me such joy because it’s my goal to keep listeners deeply connected to their bible.
Another important objective of this style of podcast is to connect non-christian listeners to the story of Jesus in a non-confrontational manner – people that would otherwise be very unreceptive to a gospel conversation.
No, I’m not. I believe in the absolute sufficiency of scripture, and I will never add to it. Redeemed Podcast is not the word of God – listening to it does not replace reading the bible.
I have also committed to NEVER add to the words of Christ. I will exercise creative license with other characters mentioned in the bible, but I will never make the character of Jesus say any more (or less) than what has been recorded in the gospels

Absolutely! I was saved in 2013 and my life has never been the same. 

Some of my favourite theologians and bible teachers include:

  • Jeff Durbin
  • Charles Spurgeon.
  • R.C. Sproul
  • James White
  • Douglas Wilson

I wrote the first episode in February 2020 while sick at home with what I thought was Covid (which turned out to be just the flu).

Besides the character lines performed by a cast of professional voice actors, I do everything myself.

I started Redeemed because I noticed how starved Christians are for high-quality entertainment that isn’t…cringy.
There are very few options available, and they are either extremely cheesy, have terrible theology, or both. I want to create something theologically rich at a world-class entertainment standard.
After all, it’s christians that should be setting the standard for beautiful productions because our work reflects the glory of Christ (Colossians 1:17)

I want to create something theologically rich at a world-class entertainment standard – to set a new standard for Christian theatre.

Adults are the primary target because Redeemed includes adult themes. I am purposely presenting an unfiltered depiction of life, with all of its blisters, tears and scars.

This is reality, and when we confront it, we embrace our desperate need for a saviour.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
– John 1:5

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