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Listener Reviews


“I cried. It’s such a beautiful reminder of our condemnation and shame without Christ.”


“Fantastic! Literally brought me to tears. This is the best Christian podcast I have ever heard!”


“We desperately need Jesus, we need His presence and I love how this podcast will help many realize that.”

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A message from me (Ed) the creator of Redeemed Podcast.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Ed – creator, writer, and producer of Redeemed Podcast.

Redeemed produces dramatized stories inspired by biblical events. I’m creating this to give Christians a high-quality entertainment alternative with gospel roots and to connect my listeners with the story of Jesus in a unique and creative way.

Now besides the incredible actors I work with, it’s just me behind the scenes doing everything – writing, narrating, editing producing, etc. Because it’s just me, I’ve reached my limit and episode three is the final episode I can create alone.

I do plan to establish a team to help me produce episodes weekly, but for now, I want to create just one more episode with you.

I’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to fund episode four. If this campaign is successful, I’ll lift the curtain and invite you backstage with me. I’ll make you part of the entire journey. You’ll help me to decide what the episode will be about; you’ll witness my writing process, see how I work with my actors, experience the unexpected hurdles; but most importantly, you’ll help me oppose the dark entertainment options that are prevalent in the world today.

The world needs more light. Partner with me, and together let’s create a beautiful light in the darkness.

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Listen to a King is Born

As the hope of a prophesied Messiah fades into centuries of silence, Bethlehem finds itself at the centre of an event that will change history forever.

 Episode Duration: 10min.

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Redeemed Podcast - An unforgettable Christian storytelling podcast experience