Dramatized stories inspired by biblical events

Redeemed Podcast is an immersive and unforgettable Christian podcast experience

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Redeemed Podcast - An unforgettable Christian storytelling podcast experience

Listener Reviews


“I cried. It’s such a beautiful reminder of our condemnation and shame without Christ.”


“Fantastic! Literally brought me to tears. This is the best podcast I have ever heard!”


“We desperately need Jesus, we need His presence and I love how this podcast will help many realize that.”

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A message from me (Ed) the creator of Redeemed Podcast.

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Bonus Episode - A King is Born

Joseph struggles to accept Mary’s divine pregnancy and an inconvenient census forces David’s descendants to travel to Bethlehem.

A King is Born Trailer

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Episode 3

Herod has decreed the death of all baby boys in Bethlehem and tasked his military commander, Claudius, with the job. During the campaign, Claudius finds a child’s blanket left by a family that escaped in the night.

This sparks a desperate chase to stop them before they reach Egypt and escape Herod’s reach.

This is a dramatization inspired by the biblical account in Matthew 2:13-18.

Episode 3 Trailer

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Episode 2

Rebecca is trapped in a repetitious nightmare. Her curiosity leads to her witnessing a miracle by a captivating foreigner, and the experience changes her forever.

This is a dramatization inspired by the biblical account in Luke 7:36-50.

Episode 2 Trailer

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Episode 1

Join Ezra on his perilous journey to meet Jesus of Nazareth. A Journey that might cost him his life.

This is a dramatization inspired by the biblical account in Matthew 8:1-4.

Episode 1 Trailer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! I was saved in 2013 and my life has never been the same. 

Some of my favourite theologians and bible teachers include:

  • Charles Spurgeon.
  • R.C. Sproul
  • James White
  • Jeff Durbin
  • Douglas Wilson

I wrote the first episode in February 2020 while sick at home with what I thought was Covid (turned out to be the flu).

Yep! Besides the character lines, I do everything myself. Because I don’t have a professional recording studio, I compensate by settling into tiny spaces around the house within a cocoon of blankets and cushions – fun fact, I recorded the narration for episode 3 in the bathroom like this!

I started Redeemed because I noticed how starved Christians are for high-quality entertainment. There are very few options available and they are either extremely cheesy, have terrible theology, or both.

I want to create something theologically rich at a world-class entertainment standard – to set a new standard for Christian theatre.

No I’m not. I believe in the absolute sufficiency of scripture and I will never add to it. Redeemed Podcast is not the word of God – listening to it does not replace reading the bible. I create dramatizations inspired by biblical events to deliver gospel truths in a very impactful and memorable way,

Another important objective of this style of podcast is to establish a non-confrontatonal (and highly enjoyable) connection between unbelievers and the message of the gospel – people that would otherwise be very unreceptive to a gospel conversation.

It’s difficult not to be captivated by Redeemed Podcast, even if you’re not a follower of Jesus.

Adults are the primary target because Redeemed includes adult themes. I am purposely presenting an unfiltered depiction of life, with all of its blisters, tears and scars.

This is reality, and when we confront it, we embrace our desperate need for a saviour.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
– John 1:5

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Redeemed Podcast - An unforgettable Christian storytelling podcast experience